Our Vision: Shaping the arts and entertainment industry to empower deaf creatives to thrive without barriers.

Our Mission: Hear Art is an inclusive platform for the deaf creative community, to educate the arts and entertainment industry and remove barriers to collaboration and employment.

Our Values: To create, to collaborate, empower and educate the arts and entertainment industry.

Hear Art is a community interest company founded by Cindy Sasha and Rachel Shenton, inspired by a deep personal connection to the deaf community. Recognising the untapped creative potential and talent within this community, Hear Art was established to provide a dedicated platform for deaf creatives to lead artistic projects. Our mission is to offer pathways to employment and training opportunities within the arts and entertainment industry.

Hear Art serves as a dynamic platform and network that unites deaf and hearing creatives, promoting collaboration to produce content accessible to both audiences. By bridging gaps and promoting mutual understanding between communities, we strive to cultivate a more inclusive and artistic landscape.

In addition to offering employment and training, we educate, advise, and support hearing individuals and organisations on effective, inclusive collaboration practices. Our goal is to dismantle barriers, celebrate the achievements of deaf people and empower them to succeed.

Despite our limited network and resources, we have expanded from two founders to a team of four. Through crowdfunding and charitable partnerships, we have successfully produced four short films directed and written by deaf filmmakers with deaf crews, as well as the first deaf-led video podcast.

At Hear Art, we are committed to promoting greater inclusivity and continuing to expand our reach, providing opportunities and embracing a community where deaf creatives are celebrated and empowered.